Score 1 - AMF toggle clamps in the test

"Well clamped" - MOTOR & MASCHINE assessed as "very good"

In the 2/2016 issue of MOTOR & MASCHINE, the test magazine for professional tools, our toggle clamps were able to fully convince.

"Well clamped" - MOTOR & MASCHINE assessed as "very good"
The toggle clamps from AMF were rated "very good" in the test

All toggle clamp models tested were rated in the overall assessment with a test score of 1.4 and thus achieved the result "very good".

The toggle clamps from AMF were assessed and rated with respect to their function, operation and features.

All toggle clamps are characterized by their high level of safety: the ergonomic 2-component handle ensures ease of use and the safety clamping piece protects your fingers from injuries.

They are easy to mount, to adjust and are extremely durable. The favourable force and movement ratios and easy handling permit versatile use of the AMF toggle clamps. If, for example, parts are produced in series, toggle clamps are ideally suited for saving time while simultaneously ensuring high quality.

With more than 50 years of experience and quality "made in Germany" our toggle clamps are still fully functional even after many years of use.

Find out for yourself in our videos.

Toggle clamp application video

Toggle clamp product video