Pallet feed systems

The flexible solution for low-cost automation

This system for stocking and supplying workpieces can be integrated directly into the existing machine tool and is particularly suitable for the flexible linking of machines. Designed for self-service by CNC machines, the magazine displays its strengths especially when interchanging workpieces within the movement range of the spindle. It does not matter whether it involves a machining centre in gantry design, cross table machines or tables with movements in the X-axis. With any number of directional changes it adjusts itself to any floorspace and ensures constant access to the workpieces as an inexpensive alternative.

AMF-Pallet feed systems: Automated storage system.
Saving, loading, clamping, cleaning and marking - automation from AMF.

Fast, affordable, modular

Pallet supply systems from AMF

  • Fast and easy access to components
  • High component stocking density
  • Very flexible in shape and dimension
  • Easy control by means of M commands
  • Perfect application in combination with the AMF-gripper

The modular system for integration in the machine

The AMF cassette buffer magazine ensures the automated supply of corrugated and cubic components, cast or moulded components as well as pallets or complete fixtures. The cassette size, which is largely freely selectable, is decisive for the permitted dimension of the components. The components can be positioned in a flat or a stacked arrangement, shape and contour masks or stack and stop elements are ideal for fastening.

It goes without saying that we will gladly support you in your individual automation solution with our cassette buffer magazines.