Positioning system

The intelligent solution for laser marking

The AMF positioning system does away with the complicated positioning during laser marking and solves all problems at once. The main focus of attention is on fast positioning and the highest level of accuracy during implementation.

The AMF positioning system with its modular structure makes no compromises – neither when it comes to repetition accuracy nor workpieces with complicated geometrical external shapes. An ergonomic work method by means of the drawer system is another advantage in terms of handling.

AMF-Positioning system for laser marking: Stop angle.

Fast, ergonomic, versatile

Positioning system for laser marking from AMF

  • Six positioning options with just one system
  • Modular structure according to building-block principle
  • Consistently useable by means of drawer system
  • Positioning accuracy 0.1 mm
  • Repetition accuracy 0.1 mm

A single system for six positioning options

With our laser marking positioning system you can forget about the previous laborious and burdensome work method. This system has the solution for all requirements: With magnets, stop angles, positioning frames. positioning elements, contour templates or shaped supports – the AMF positioning system for laser marking is the right choice for fast and accurate results.

For the positioning of workpieces with complicated geometrical external shapes, such as special keys, ballpoint pens or other promotional gifts, we supply contour templates and shaped supports according to customer specifications. It is best to send us your CAD data with information about your marking position.