Speeding tractors

A gearbox manufacturer produces high-tech agricultural machinery. Since the variety of products is increasing, the flexibility of the one-hundred-percent test must be increased. In the new test facility, AMF zero-point clamping systems ensure fast upgrading and dismantling of the large high-tech gearboxes. These weigh up to two tons.

Zero-point clamping systems from AMF increase flexibility in the quality assurance

When tractors today race across fields at speeds of up to 50 km/h and go into reverse at full speed, the high-tech gearboxes must change without difficulty. AMF zero-point clamping technology increases the flexibility of gearbox manufacturers on the gearbox test rig during the one-hundred-percent test of different gearboxes from 14 gearbox families. The equipment of the three set-up stations and two test trolleys with zero-point clamping technology from the industry leader AMF enables fast and repeatedly accurate clamping of the gearboxes weighing several tons.

Quality assurance through one-hundred-percent test

During the quality assurance, all gearboxes from four product lines are tested. Gearboxes from 14 product families including their variations also arrive unsorted. Besides the functionality of the ultramodern powershift and stepless gearbox, flow-throughs, pressures, leak tightness and rotary functions are tested before they go to the production lines of the OEMs exactly to the day. Before they are driven to the high-tech test rig in a test trolley, employees position the test pieces on one of the set-up stations with mounting plates and integrated, colour-coded zero-point clamping modules from AMF. They assimilate the appropriate AMF clamping pins securely on the receiving base specially made by the manufacturer. Furthermore, adapter plates are used, which are provided with additional clamping modules. This further increases flexibility and ensures replication of the clamping pattern in the smallest possible installation space and low setting-up time.

Colour patterns simplify the set-up procedure

During the test, the next gearboxes from production are prepared. For the clamping operation, test pieces merely have to be placed onto the colour-coded patterns from the AMF installation clamping modules. This occurs confusion-free. The clamping modules have a large, self-centring intake catchment that receives and locks the contour of the clamping pins without tilting even if positioned at an angle. For releasing, the modules that are connected centrally to the hydraulic circuit by tubes are impinged with unclamping pressure of 50–60 bar. In this way, the tested gearbox can be lifted off.

The individual AMF installation clamping modules of type K5, K10 and K20 have robust disc springs for maximum pull-in, closing and holding forces. They close with up to 5, 10 or 20 kN and hold the workpiece with up to 13, 25 or 55 kN. Precision ground support surfaces of the module cover made of hardened stainless steel guarantee plane-parallel clamping ≤ 0.005 mm. The pistons are also hardened, and in a combination of form fit and self-locking function, ensure reliable and constant clamping. A ball support made of stainless steel seals the inside of the clamping module against dirt and liquid. Thus, a service of the maintenance-friendly modules is first necessary after 250,000 (K5), 400,000 (K10) or 1,500,000 (K20) clamping cycles. The zero-point clamping system from AMF, adapter plates and powerful modules with low installation height ensure that all transmission variants are clamped in the quality assurance easily, quickly and with repetition accuracy.