After growth in 2022, AMF looks with optimism at the new year

Despite revenue growth in 2022, AMF remains cautiously optimistic for the new year. Investments in its facilities show confidence for the coming times.

Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) finishes 2022 with growth of twelve percent and revenue of almost 50 million euro. But its satisfaction is limited, since part of this growth resulted from necessary price increases. Its profit growth stayed well behind this mark. But its project business with special and automation solutions developed very satisfactorily. The company’s high manufacturing depth and strong warehousing remain a guarantee for its continued delivery availability. Despite the high order book position, AMF starts the new year without euphoria. But its confidence is shown by the largest investment in the company’s history in a new, fully automated logistics centre. The company will likewise continue to invest in digitalisation. And so the company shows that it expects continued growth in future.

“Although we returned to the level we reached before the crisis with the second-best revenue in our history, we aren’t going to break into celebration now,” emphasises Johannes Maier, Managing Director and shareholder of Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG in Fellbach. “Much of the revenue increase is due to higher prices, with which our customers had to share in the much higher costs for energy and materials.” The company achieved revenue of 49.7 million euro in 2022. That means twelve percent more than in 2021. But the profit, which the family-owned company traditionally doesn’t report, did not increase nearly this much.

Increases in the project business and special solutions express confidence in AMF’s competence

The growth rates in its project business and special solutions show more and more that AMF is developing from a manufacturer of products to a provider of solutions. “Customers ask very specifically how they can increase machine availability and so improve productivity. Instead of individual products, they want solutions for entire process chains and production lines. Our many expert consultants can use their great experience to give convincing advice here,” says Maier. The Fellbach-based company has noticed this with their foreign customers as well, among which the USA, China and India as well as France developed well in 2022. For 2023, the company’s head continues to see the best growth potential in these countries.

Largest investments in the company’s history started

The market leader for clamping, screwing, and closing starts 2023 with strong demand and a very satisfactory order book position. “But we suspect there was also some panic buying due to fear of further price increases and to ensure our customers’ own delivery availability,” Maier emphasises. Whether this level will be maintained is very uncertain. Despite this, the company’s head looks into the future with cautious optimism. An expression of this is the largest investment in the company’s history, which began with groundbreaking for a new logistics centre, together with very modern workplaces, software and production. This commitment to the Fellbach site will protect AMF’s leading position in the world market and secure jobs for the long-term.