AMF breaks the 50 million barrier

Thanks to innovative products and a strong market presence, AMF succeeded in reaching over €50 million of revenue in 2018.

Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) exceeds the €50 million revenue mark for the first time in 2018. The market leader thus creates a new sales record for clamping on the machine table.

Johannes Maier, Managing Director of the Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) is convinced that the automation trend continues to be the driver of growth in the industry.

The people in charge cite strong demand from the growth areas of automation, process optimisation and additive manufacturing as reasons for the continued growth. Here the family company has gained a prominent position for itself with innovative products. In the medical technology, food and packaging technology sectors in particular, the Fellbach operation has grown disproportionately. In addition to Asia and the USA, two central European markets in Italy and France also developed exceedingly well. Further investments on the premises and in proximity to customers should drive the rate of growth in 2019, too, despite generally restrained forecasts. Company head Johannes Maier has a clever strategy to this end.

"Our strategy of showing a particularly strong presence in the growth industries and growth regions has proven successful", reports a satisfied Johannes Maier, Managing Partner of Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG in Fellbach. With revenue of €50.05 million in 2018, AMF has generated a record turnover for the sixth year in succession – and broken the 50-million barrier for the first time in the company's 128-year history. The family company has not traditionally been overly forthcoming with information on results. You do not have to be a clairvoyant to assume decent figures here, too, though.

AMF shows increasing presence in growth markets

Once again it was the innovative products relating to workpiece clamping technology and the automation of machining processes which disproportionately contributed to growth, emphasises Maier. There was high demand for products for additive manufacturing with metal powder. It is here that the Fellbach operation positioned itself as an expert from early on, and this has proven very positive in this strongly booming sector. Furthermore, the people in charge consider the presence of AMF in future-oriented growth markets and emerging markets to be another big success factor for the record figures. Above all, the company head cites medical technology and the food and packaging industry. The successes there more than compensated for the sluggish demand from the automotive industry. The USA and Taiwan continue to do best amongst the foreign markets. Though Italy and France have hit back for good old Europe, with these two markets experiencing strongly growing sales.

The family company has been characterised as having a feel for trend themes and growth markets for a long time now. Being able to identify lasting trends and markets early on and to develop the right products and have staff for them is one of the strengths of AMF. Over 230 employees contribute to this end, who are close by customers around the world, and who learn about their requirements through direct contact. The company was able to fill all its apprenticeships again in 2018 and continues to focus on the digitalisation of the industry with IT specialists and mechatronics engineers.

Strategy and optimism to bring additional growth

Although experts see the upswing of the past few years dissipating, Maier is optimistic for his company. With the strategy of being especially present in growth sectors and markets, AMF should continue to grow in 2019, too. "We see a further growing need for catch-up in many emerging economies", states Maier, without providing specifics. High-quality products, quick delivery capability and customer proximity should lead to continued growth in 2019.
Investments of over €1.5 million in software and process optimisation on the premises and additional field work positions should provide the basis for this.