AMF Christmas campaign ends well for animals

AMF trainees contribute 12,000 euros in sales receipts from the 16th Christmas project

The Fellbach Christmas market was cancelled again in 2021. Still, the trainees at Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG achieved sales of an unbelievable 12,000 euros with their traditional Christmas sale of self-made products.

The AMF trainees raised an unbelievable 12,000 euros with the 16th Christmas campaign and the sale of self-produced products.

Despite difficult conditions, many loyal customers found their way to AMF’s sales rooms and bought many products under strict hygiene conditions. What the developing technicians earn with the campaign is traditionally contributed in full for a good cause. This time, the receipts were donated to Fellnasen Stuttgart e.V. The association has helped animals in need for ten years.

“That our trainees exceeded the terrific result from last time surprised us greatly. We had to find an alternative solution, because the Christmas market was cancelled again due to Corona,” says Peter Andrianos, responsible for commercial training at Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG. The 16th Christmas campaign of the AMF trainees brought in an amazing 12,000 euros. And this was achieved even though the Fellbach Christmas market was cancelled again. The money is again donated for a good cause, this time to Fellnasen Stuttgart e.V. Iris Irmscher is happy about the valuable support in its anniversary year. The volunteer members of the association, founded in 2012, help animals in need.

High-quality metal articles – practical and decorative

As always, the business, industrial and technical trainees carefully planned and executed the real project. “The technical trainees produce drawings, the industrial trainees convert them into products on modern metalworking machines in our production facilities, and the commercial trainees take on organisation and marketing,” says Niklas Graf, industrial administration trainee in the second year of training, as he describes the teamwork. But marketing and sales were a big challenge again without in-presence sales at the Christmas market. “That’s why we set up a sales room in the company especially for orders and pick-ups. Because of the rule requiring shoppers to be vaccinated or recovered from Covid, we also accepted telephone orders for pick-up,” explains the tool mechanic in training, Niklas Schöneck. There was a “one-way system” with separate entrances and exits for those picking up orders.

As a result, our many loyal customers were able to select popular articles from among the more than 60 offered in the high-quality assortment of practical and decorative metal products. As in the previous year, the top seller was the tube squeezer at 880 euros, followed by a Christmas tree in a new size, which went for 785 euros. A cute mini elk was the most frequently bought article, with 406 pieces sold, followed by a small Christmas tree with 306 pieces and, again, the tube squeezer, which is now serving in 157 households.

A real project that has only winners

All are satisfied with the 16th edition of this wonderful real project, which has only winners. The fact that the proceeds are donated to charity has a long tradition. As always, the trainees themselves picked the beneficiary. Many animals in need can now be happy when the association Fellnasen Stuttgart e.V. takes care of them. We can only hope that there will be a Christmas market with real stalls that we can experience live this year.

((Information about the AMF trainee Christmas campaign))
Donation for a good cause
For the AMF project Christmas market stall with real practical relevance, which has been in existence for 16 years, aspiring industrial administrators and tool mechanics, DHBW students, technical product designers, and mechatronic technicians work together in a cross-functional and interdisciplinary manner as in a real company. The trainees plan and carry out the project independently. They are supported by the company and the trainers to the best of their ability and learn project work under real economic conditions. In the practical project, which starts in the spring, they learn how to think and behave as an entrepreneur under real conditions. The reward for the efforts with real time pressure is the commercial success that benefits a good cause every year. The trainees themselves determine who receives the funds. The Christmas campaign will take place again in 2022.