AMF is a volunteer-friendly employer

The state of Baden-Württemberg thanks Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG for the support of its employees dedicated to civil defence

This year, AMF has been decorated as a volunteer-friendly employer for the first time.

At a ceremony, Thomas Strobl, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Digitalisation and Migration of the state of Baden-Württemberg, decorated a total of 41 employers as "volunteer-friendly employers for civil defence".

The deployment of all volunteers demands a big commitment from the employer. There are currently seven employees active at AMF in civil defence, the majority of which are voluntary firefighters. In the event of fires, natural catastrophes, road accidents or other emergencies, AMF will release these employees immediately from their work commitments to go and assist. Flexible working times make these varied deployments at all possible.

With this decoration, the state of Baden-Württemberg seeks to show its recognition and appreciation to all decorated employers.

In his speech, Interior Minister Thomas Strobl thanked all the companies for their contributions:
"Employees committed to volunteer work know what it means to take on responsibility. They are exceptionally motivated and regularly commit themselves beyond the call of duty – they are exemplary".

We are delighted about this decoration.

Photo: Ministerium für Inneres, Digitalisierung und Migration

From left : Günter Geyer (First Mayor of Fellbach), Wolfgang Balle (AMF), Thomas Bürkle (AMF), Johannes Maier (AMF), Thomas Strobl (Deputy Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg), Frank Berberich (AMF), Aaron Baufeld (AMF), Siegfried Lorek (CDU Member of the Baden-Württemberg Landtag) and Wilhelm Halder (Green Member of the Baden-Württemberg Landtag)