AMF trainee donation to two recipients for the first time

Another generous donation from the proceeds of the AMF Christmas market campaign handed over.

Once again, the Christmas market campaign organised by trainees at Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG has once again led to happy moments. The proceeds of 14,000 Euro from the sale of homemade products at the Fellbach Christmas market are going to two recipients for the first time this year. The children's hospice Pusteblume in Backnang and 46Plus Downsyndrom Verein (46Plus Downs Syndrome Association) in Stuttgart will each receive 7,000 Euro for their valuable work. Only beaming faces can be seen when handing over the cheque.

"It is always impressive to see how our trainees manage to develop this traditional, valuable and supportive real-life project," marvels Peter Andrianos, responsible for commercial training at Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG. The proceeds from the Christmas market sale, which has now been held for the 18th time, will go to two recipients. The 14,000 Euro raised will go in equal parts of 7,000 Euro each to the children's hospice Pusteblume in Backnang and 46Plus Downs Syndrome Association in Stuttgart.

Once again, it was impressive to see how the AMF trainees worked together interdisciplinary and cross-functional, just like in a real company. "The project is challenging for us, because everything has to be ready for the start of the Christmas market," emphasises Zoe Maier, an industrial clerk trainee in her second-year at AMF. With a YoYo, a toothbrush holder, a sweets vending machine, a dough knife and the "Moritz knot", there were once again some new useful, playful and decorative metal products in the range of almost 80-pieces. "The fact that one of us trainees is immortalised in the name of a product is thanks to our product designer Moritz Ebner, who changed and updated the concept of the skill game," says future tool mechanic Leandro Garrido-Eichhorn.

Visitors honour the commitment and donations of the trainees

The numerous visitors to the Fellbach Christmas market honoured the work that the industrial and commercial trainees developed, designed, manufactured and last but not least, offered with great commitment throughout the year with purchases, but also with words of praise: "We come every year and always look forward to the new products." "The quality of the products is so good that we are happy to pass them on as a present," are just two of the many comments. In the 20 days of the Fellbach Christmas market, an impressive sum of 14,000 Euro was raised once again.

Customers are therefore making a significant contribution to the success of this project under real-life conditions, in which the trainees gain important experience for their future careers. Selin Türken also emphasises this when she says: "The many great experiences and the responsible teamwork under real-life conditions and across a wide range of areas have been very beneficial for us." "It has also made us better known within the company and brought us closer to the "old hands"," adds product designer Moritz Ebner.

Worked a lot, learned a lot, helped a lot! – A great deal of pride

And so all were satisfied with the 18th edition of this wonderful real project, which knows only winners. The fact that the proceeds are donated to charity has a long tradition. As always, the trainees themselves picked the beneficiary. For the first time this year, the trainees visited the donation recipients in advance. "This allowed us to see where our money ends up and what we are able to achieve with it". And in this way, the trainees are already eagerly awaiting the next Christmas market in 2024. Work will start on this in the spring.

((Information on the AMF trainees Christmas market campaign))
Contribution for a good cause
For the AMF Christmas market stand project with a real connection to practice, which has taken place since 2008, prospective industrial administrators and tool mechanics, students at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), technical drawers, mechatronics technicians and warehouse technicians work together across fields and functions just as they do in a real company. The trainees plan and carry out the project independently. They are supported by the company and the trainers to the best of their ability and learn project work under real business conditions. In the practical project, which starts in the spring, they learn how to think and behave as entrepreneurs under real conditions. The reward for the efforts with real time pressure is the sales success that benefits a good cause every year. The trainees themselves determine who receives the funds. The Christmas campaign will take place again in 2024.

((Info Association 46Plus Down syndrome))
Reducing fear of contact and prejudice
46PLUS was founded in September 2003 with the aim of providing information about Down syndrome and thereby breaking down existing prejudices and fears of contact. The organisation also wants to encourage newly affected families.

In people with Down syndrome, chromosome 21 is present three times instead of two times in each cell, which is why it is also referred to as trisomy 21. Statistically, there is one child with Down's syndrome in every 600 to 700 births.

((Info Children's and Youth Hospice Service Pusteblume))
Being there, supporting and listening
The Pusteblume children's and youth hospice service accompanies families in life and death when a family member is diagnosed with a serious disease. The hospice supports and relieves such families with seriously ill children or adolescents whose lifespan is most likely limited. The centre is orientated towards the needs and wishes of the sick child, their siblings and their parents.

Employees come to the families' homes and look after the sick child there so that the parents are relieved and have more time for themselves and any other children. They also look after the siblings in particular, who often do not receive enough attention and care from their parents during this difficult time. They are also there for the parents, who often simply need someone to talk to about the extremely stressful situation.