AMF Workshops 2017 for users

"Reduction of production costs by reduction of set-up times" in April 2017 in Ulm and in October 2017 in Northeim

As a leading manufacturer in clamping technology we show you in our current seminar how to optimally utilise your savings potential by just the slightest changes.

AMF Workshops 2017 for users
This year, we will be offering you our successful seminar in two different regions.

This year, we will be offering you our successful seminar in two different regions.

Choose between the seminar south on 7th April 2017 in Hotel LAGO in Ulm/Donau or the seminar north on 20th October 2017 in Hotel FREIgeist in Northeim.

At our one-day seminar, we will provide you with the knowledge to analyse set-up procedures and to optimise these in a structured and continuous improvement process.

The practical workshop is supervised by our set-up expert Manuel Nau and begins with an analysis of set-up procedures. The first step involves the structuring and standardisation by means of the 5S method. In the second step, you then transition internally to external set-up procedures in order to further optimise these by parallel set-up steps and work steps.

Finally, adjustment operations are removed in the third step and a continuous improvement process is initiated. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to utilise the applied methods in practice and thus minimise company set-up costs and simultaneously increase the flexibility of the production, reduce bottlenecks as well as increase the machine running times from batch size 1 significantly. For further information please refer to the seminar flyer.

Benefit this year too from our graduated price:    1 participant: 490.00 €

  • 2 participants: 840.00 €
  • 3 participants: 1,140.00 €
  • 4 participants: 1,390.00 €
  • 5 participants: 1,590.00 €
  • 6 participants: 1,740.00 €

Please note: The participants must be employed at the same company in order to qualify for the company quantity discount. All prices are additionally subject to VAT

Mrs Stefanie Große will gladly accept your registration if you call +49 711 5766-107 or by email at

We look forward to seeing and talking with you.