Groundbreaking for logistics centre

New building ensures location and ability to supply

Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) invests over eight million euros in an ultramodern new building at the company’s location. A logistics centre as well as production and office space will be built there.

Besides owners and managers of the family-owned company, the mayor was also present at the groundbreaking. With the logistics centre, AMF increases its resilience toward disruptions of the supply chain and ensures reliable delivery for its customers. 

“With the largest single investment in the company’s history, we’re increasing our ability to supply our customers and continue to be a reliable business partner,” assures Johannes Maier, Managing Director and one of the shareholders of Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG in Fellbach. An ultramodern logistics centre as well as production and office areas are replacing a former storage facility on Fellbach’s Bühl Street at the company’s location. The long-established company, founded in 1890, is investing more than eight million euros for 4000 square metres of total floor area. The Fellbach mayor Gabriele Zull participated in the symbolic groundbreaking. She welcomes the shareholders’ commitment to the location and to securing jobs.

AMF invests in delivery reliability for customers

The heart of the four-storey new building is a fully automatic, robot-guided storage system in the basement. Around 4500 cubic metres of storage space offer sufficient space for the broad assortment of over 5000 products and semi-finished parts. The warehouse is connected through a capable logistics software to the shipping department in the ground floor. “The disturbed supply chains of the recent crisis years have shown us how important it is to be able to deliver,” Maier emphasises. “While we could still do this, our old storage facility was bursting at the seams and no longer met the demands of a modern logistics system.”

In the first floor, around 850 m² of production and final assembly area will be built. They are also connected to the storage facility through fully automatic vertical lift systems. In each of the upper levels three and four, 790 m² of office space for modern jobs will be generated. The building is complete with a top floor, in which a kitchen, medical facilities, and covered outside areas are planned as places for employees.

Modern jobs in the ecological and sustainable building

The new building, with its front facing Bühl Street, will impact the city. It will be built ecologically and fit the latest energy standard, KfW 40 EE. Roof surfaces are planted and equipped with a large photovoltaic system. The sustainability of the expanded company is confirmed by the Gold award of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Construction details, such as the wave shape of the façade or the wall covering of the stairway are quoting a clamping tool - the main product of AMF. Completion is expected in summer 2024.