Loading unit from AMF

For automation of machining centres

With our new loading unit, we make your machining centres run by themselves, and you lay the decisive cornerstone for automated and economical production. Loading and unloading, the entire stockpiling and management of pallets and machine control are centralised and integrated into the production process with high process reliability.

The new loading unit from AMF combines numerous features and advantages in the smallest space. This automation solution for pallet handling features technical advantages due to its well-thought-out overall concept and perfected software. The perfect solution for a future-oriented automation solution that is right for your machining centres.

Practical, efficient, future-oriented

Central pallet handling with AMF

  • Optionally 32 or 48 pallets with an installation height of 300 mm or 500 mm
  • Palette size 400 x 400 mm
  • Max. pallet weight of 400 kg
  • Setup surface area 2 x 3 m, installation height 5 m corresponds to up to 8 pallets per m²
  • Gripper unit can be employed to the left or to the right

Your advantages from the palletising solution from AMF

  • Automation starting from a batch size of 1
  • Parts handling independent of the component contour
  • Automated loading and unloading of up to two different machines
  • Simultaneous equipping of the pallets
  • Very little need for space
  • PLC master computer software for integration with high process reliability
  • Automation from the leading expert in clamping technology

Automate up to two machines at the same time

Do you want to automate one or two machines? Thanks to the modular and flexible design of our loading unit, the machine tool can be palletised on two sides. You have the choice! An additional second machine (also another machine type) can be
integrated into the production process, even afterwards.

PLC master computer software with the following functions:

  • Complete pallet management, overview of job list and set-up procedures, machine statistics, NC-program management and tool balanc
  • Remote maintenance of the system by our experts can be performed at all times
  • Pallet gripper equipped with the proven AMF “Zero-Point-Systems“