Marking and cleaning tools

Low costs and huge time-saving

The high economic efficiency of marking and cleaning products stems from the low procurement costs, long service life and high working speed.

The AMF Writer and AMF Marker ensure a high-quality text – the surface of the workpiece is not damaged but is even strengthened here. With the Cleaner products the machine practically cleans itself.

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AMF-Marker - the perfect needle! The heart of the AMF marking tools and the guarantee for a perfect text is the elaborately produced needle.

Fast, durable, efficient

Marking and cleaning tools from AMF

AMF-Marker and AMF-Writer

  • 75% reduction in marking time
  • High-quality text
  • Surface of the workpiece is compressed
  • Also suitable for workpieces with thin walls
  • For rough and smooth surfaces, any unevenness of the workpiece is compensated for
  • Also suitable for marking round surfaces (up to 15°)
  • No burr appears on the marking line
  • Depending on the design, the marking of surfaces is possible with a hardness of up to 57 HRC
  • No noise generation


  • Repeatable, systematic and thorough cleaning
  • Intermediate cleaning of fixture and workpiece during the machining process
  • No strain on the machine operator
  • No danger of injury from swarf

Well thought out tools that pay off

At top speed our marking tools perform the marking in the machining centre so that your machine is available again for production much faster.

The time-consuming external marking process when unloading from the tool magazine is eliminated.
The repeatedly refined marking needle with an extremely hard top represents the heart of our marking tools and the guarantee for a perfect text. The various needle designs ensure the best marking results – we will be happy to assist you in selecting the optimal needle for your application.

The AMF Cleaners are a clean solution: The Stick design is ideally suitable for cleaning clamping fixtures and freeing workpieces from swarf. In the Ball design, the AMF Cleaner mechanically cleans the entire interior of the machine using a cooling lubricant as cleaning agent.