Wireless sensoring systems

Innovative technology for full automation

The AMF wireless sensoring system enables wireless and flexible sensor querying within the production environment. Transmitter units transmit the states detected by sensors wirelessly and in an energy-efficient manner using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. As the receiver, the gateway handles the communication between the sensor and the machine control. Here, the incoming radio signal is monitored, processed, visualised and transferred to the control system.

In this way, a fully automated, worker-free production processes can be realised cost-efficiently and reliably. This increases efficiency tremendously while opening up new scope for qualified employees to exploit their potential for the actual core business at the same time.

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With AMF wireless sensoring systems, a fully automated, worker-free production process can be realised cost-efficiently and reliably.

Flexible, compact, economical

Wireless sensoring systems from AMF

  • No annoying cables
  • More flexibility
  • Higher process reliability
  • Easy control

Full monitoring and control via wireless sensoring systems

Wireless sensoring systems from AMF enable fully automated production processes for clamping technology as well as for modern handling and storage systems. The system consists of individual components that can be combined individually according to customer requirements. A wide selection of sensors ensures maximum process reliability for your production, from the clamping device query to the correct workpiece location pad.

A WLAN router can be connected as an option in order to access the web-based user interface of the Gateway via a tablet. In combination, this innovative system forms the basis for worker-free production processes around the clock.