Magnetic clamping systems

The powerful solution for free surfaces

This innovative technology from AMF is based on the force of the magnetic field. This opens up new possibilities that make all surfaces fully accessible for the machining of a workpiece even at constant tension.

High-quality square poles in the chequerboard pattern generate the magnetic dual cycle of electropermanent technology. Our powerful magnetic clamping systems result in better surface quality and more precision.

With safety and reliability they also improve the efficiency in the entire process.

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Modular zero-point clamping system and magnetic clamping plate in combination.

Safe, reliable, efficient

Magnetic clamping technology from AMF

  • Very high clamping force: up to 384 kN
  • machining on 5 sides possible
  • Drastic reduction of set-up time
  • Repetition accuracy of 0.01 mm
  • Fast interaction with CAD/CAM systems

Fully developed technology for easy machining on 5 sides

Through the know-how and many years of experience of AMF experts the weaknesses of earlier electromagnetic clamping systems are very much a thing of the past. The innovative electropermanent AMF magnetic clamping technology achieves perfection without limitation.

The handling is easy and fast and the successes in application are convincing. After all, the optimisation of processes and the reduction of processing times increase efficiency significantly. With its manifold application possibilities and modular design the system impressively carries out difficult milling operations just as efficiently and safely as a machining process in the high-speed range (HSC).