Single and multiple clamping systems

The solutions for more flexibility

Clamping by means of a classic vice or a collet that is also suitable for complex external contours is ideal for smaller components.

The multiple clamping systems also achieve enormous time savings, because multiple as well as different workpieces are clamped simultaneously using special vices.

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The collet from AMF is available in three different designs - hydraulic, mechanical and in combination with the AMF "Zero-Point" clamping system. Ideally suited for clamping complex workpiece contours for 5-sided machining in the machine tool.

Variable, fast, precise

Single and multiple clamping systems from AMF

Multiple clamping systems

  • Precision multiple-clamping system
  • Up to 16 clamping points depending on the size of the workpiece
  • Simple and precise adjustment of the clamping jaws by the interlocking contact surfaces
  • Can be used on machine tables, fixture and quick-change systems

Pneumatic vice

  • Specially developed for the machining of individual and standard parts requiring fast and precise clamping
  • The clamping force can be adapted to the different workpiece requirements.
  • All supports and guides are hardened (55-60 HRC) and ground. The supports are manufactured to a height tolerance of ±0.01 mm.


  • Mechanical or hydraulic clamping as well as by means of zero-point clamping technology
  • Perfect for complex external contours
  • Counterblock of the workpiece is milled into the collet
  • Radial uniformly induced clamping force, perfect for thin-walled workpieces
  • Machining on 5 sides

Practical systems that provide flexibility

With the hydraulic or mechanical collets, the pneumatic vice and our multiple clamping systems we offer ideal conditions for safe and fast clamping operations. The simple handling and flexible adjustments allow use for a variety of applications.
The modularly designed multiple clamping system is extremely suitable for clamped machining. Integrated mounting bores for combining with the AMF zero-point clamping system open up additional saving potentials in terms of the set-up times.