Standard clamping elements

The universal range in best quality

Our extensive range has just the right clamping element for every need. The highest level of quality applies to this exceptional versatility as well. Every product meets the demand for innovation and the specific requirements within the scope of practical application.

Just like the power clamp, which has a truly limitless range of applications, the entire range of standard clamping elements is designed to always reduce the amount of effort involved by means of fast and simple clamping options and to optimise the processes.

AMF-Standard clamping elements: "Crocodile" clamp.

Versatile, durable, reliable

Standard clamping technology from AMF

  • Extensive range for every requirement
  • Tried and tested in all industries for decades
  • Stringent quality controls
  • Reliable power transmission
  • Design in accordance with DIN standards
  • Quick and easy clamping
  • Quality made in Germany

Universal technology for improved processes

You will find a range of standard clamping elements that leaves nothing to be desired – clamps, support blocks, alignment and support elements, mandrels and floating clamps, pull-down clamps, eccentric and centring clamps in many variants as well as extensive accessories, clamping screws, nuts and washers.

As an innovation, the AMF power clamp impresses with its low installation height, which can be infinitely adjusted and performs a wide variety of clamping tasks with unlimited application possibilities in tool-making, injection moulding, pressing and punching as well as in model making and mould construction.