Hand tools

Quality for all manufacturing companies

Our partners from industry and trade have appreciated for many yeas that they can always depend on AMF hand tools. High-quality materials, meticulous workmanship, perfect design - displaying the value of quality in practice: Without signs of wear and tear the precision of our screwdrivers and spanners remains the same and thus ensures the greatest possible safety at the workplace as well. It saves time and effort when each hand movement is right, and through the longstanding use of quality tools you lose neither money nor time when it comes to making new purchases.

Versatile, reliable, durable

Hand tools from AMF

  • Stringent quality controls for consistent standard
  • High profitability since tool stores and idle-machine times are not required
  • Tried and tested in practical use
  • High-alloy chrome vanadium steel
  • Comply with the DIN ISO 2936 regulations

Universal products also for special versions

The extensive product range of hexagonal and Torx screwdrivers as well as spanners for every need meets all current requirements. Furthermore, we are also specialists whenever you need very special shapes and designs and special versions made to order.

And of course, the tools and screwdrivers, boxes and holders are the perfect advertising media for your company. Simply discuss your wishes for an individual imprint with us – we will gladly support you with our quality products to create a lasting impression.