Locks for doors and gates

Security and protection outdoors

Years of experience, expertise and know-how are reflected in the high quality of our entire range of locks. Day in and day out and over many years they withstand high stresses while giving a personal impression at the same time. For this reason, perfect functionality is just as important as the expressive design.

Adapted to suit each location, the AMF locks always underscore the individual design concept and open the door and gate for sustained enthusiasm.

Reliable, safe, individual

Locks for doors and gates from AMF

  • Sophisticated design
  • High quality standard through strict controls
  • Short delivery times
  • No subsequent treatment necessary
  • Quality made in Germany

The compete product range that convinces for sure

The high quality standard is reflected in our wide product range to it very core: Our stainless steel lock cases are particularly resistant to moisture and also withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without any problem. The aesthetic appearance of the material underscores the sophisticated design of our products.

It goes without saving that our full range also includes all accessories, such as door hinges and door keys as well as a large selection of fittings.