Complete solution around the zero point

As a commercial vehicle company that has automated the production of hydraulic parts with machining centres and one loading system, the availability of machines has increased significantly. The retooling during productive cycles becomes a bottleneck, however. AMF is developing a complete solution with hydraulic clamping elements and zero-point clamping technology, which is flexible and fast.

Clamping pillar with AMF zero-point clamping systems

makes retooling a pleasure

Clamping pillars developed by AMF provide space for up to twelve workpieces on two levels. Here, a workpiece holder is first clamped in the base holder (no suggestions). The forged blank of the workpiece is fastened hydraulically with a compression piece from above. Clamping pillars, workpiece holders and compression pieces are designed so that they clamp all three different sizes of the workpieces with the least possible interfering contours for machining on three sides. In the first clamping at the lower level, bevelled weld edges are milled and two holes, one oil feed-through and one mounting hole, are produced. At the upper level, surfaces are milled smooth, an internal diameter is extended to size and five bores and four threads are produced.

Faster retooling and longer machine operating times

The complete solution from AMF consists of two clamping pillars each with six zero point clamping elements and different base holders as well as six thrust pieces for clamping from above. In addition, there are reducing rings for different diameters of the workpieces, various small parts and the hydraulic system. Workpieces are now simply clamped at the lower level, removed after the first machining process and placed at the upper level. Clamping can be done quickly and easily at both levels. Flexibility was just as important as simplification and fast clamping operations. A relief as well, especially when clamping, reclamping and unclamping the forged workpiece that weighs up to ten kilograms, of which up to 50 units are produced per shift.

An additional benefit : The parts do not have to be temporarily stored anymore after the first machining. Always when the pallet moves out from the machine for retooling, at least three finished parts can be removed. Partially machined parts move from the lower to the upper level and new, unmachined blanks are clamped in the lower level. Not all places have to be occupied here, which further increases flexibility. Everything takes place with high repetition accuracy, short retooling times and faster than the machining time of the machine. This now runs longer and can also work during the breaks, for example.

Close coordination shortens processes, the initial solution is suitable

The solution from AMF has worked from the beginning. The reason for this is the direct contact between the customer and the designer at AMF, which the Fellbach-based company is always looking for. This creates a deep understanding of the customer requirements. Those responsible were in close contact throughout the entire development period in order to optimise all requirements pertaining to the flexibility of the clamping solution. Clamping technology of today.