Fervent admirers

A global market leader in machine building restructures its production in order to reduce set-up times. Since the employees are involved at an early stage, the modern zero-point clamping systems from AMF open the door for an even more productive future. Nobody had expected this effect.

Zero-point clamping systems from AMF open up unforeseen potential

Clamping operations with short set-up times are essential in the production of the global market leader in machine building, since the quantities are small and the component range is flexible. The company has increased productivity and added value considerably through the use of intelligent AMF zero-point clamping systems. The changing over of workpieces and fixtures is accelerated and machine operating times are increased. When selecting the provider and implementation in the production, considerable effort is made and a decision-making group is set up. The management supports the investment because a fast ROI and high potential savings win over. AMF triumphs among six providers.

High potential savings and short ROI win over

The machine parts produced in batch sizes from one to six involve two to five workpiece changes. The objectives are clearly formulated:

  1. 1. Reduce set-up times drastically,
  2. 2. Simplify set-up procedures considerably,
  3. 3. Remove the set-up procedure from the machine.

The AMF zero-point clamping systems are used directly on the machine table or in adapter plates. Some workpieces are also clamped directly. 140 of the powerful and compact installation clamping modules of type K20 with a retention force of up to 55 kN and approximately 300 corresponding clamping pins are used. The clamping modules open hydraulically and interlock mechanically, self-locking and positively by means of spring force. The repetition accuracy: < 0.005 mm. A blow-out function as well as contact control is optional. What used to be clamped manually with vices, clamping shoes and other aids now occurs quickly and safely as if by magic, because the handling is extremely simple. The shorter set-up time increases machine operating times and a planned investment in a further machining centre will be postponed for the time being.

Naysayers become fervent supporters

Production employees are informed at an early stage about the acquisition of the AMF zero-point clamping system. Nonetheless, there are initially reservations about the implementation. Any lingering doubts about the advantages are dispelled by equipping one of two (no suggestions) with AMF zero-point clamping systems. In direct comparison, operators of the unequipped machines are clearly lagging behind. They also insist on the AMF system.

After this key experience, a fundamental change is reached. Dismissive naysayers become fervent supporters. Apart from the technical and time-related benefits, other benefits are evident. The employees think in the system and constantly develop their own ideas as to how the entire manufacturing and clamping operations can be further optimised.

Applications further improved through individual ideas

Today, the mould making and CNC production are equipped with a total of eight machines together with ten pallets (no suggestions). The clamping pins are embedded directly in more than 30 different production parts. It is possible to set up on ten machine tables outside the machines. All goals achieved!