Individual solutions that work

There may be times, of course, when even our extensive range does not offer any standard solution for very specific need. Our experts find such cases particularly exciting. Based on an individual plan, the designers then adapt the products to the needs of the customers and combine various methods. With a great deal of experience from a host of different sectors and with the innovative spirit of our employees we can ensure the best clamping solution for every request and look forward to new challenges.

Specialists for special projects

Accumulated expertise in the team

With full concentration on a single project, an entire team supports you at AMF, which unites all facets for a successful result. In close cooperation and with short communication channels, our experienced experts from sales, proposal preparation and purchasing work together with our engineers and designers from the development and production departments.

Thus, we can always ensure that all criteria for a cost-effective production process are met – our specialists look forward to exciting new challenges.

We will be happy to advise you during your current project.
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