The very best solution for every sector

With our many years of experience and extensive know-how with our technical innovations and the tried and tested "classics", with our wide range of products and in-depth understanding of practical applications, we are totally geared towards optimising the processes of our industrial partners. Always with the goal in mind of increasing economic efficiency and productivity by means of reduced set-up times and prolonged machine operating times. Even if the principle is always the same, it is by no means all the same to us with regard to which sectors and marketing segments our innovative and creative technology solutions are deployed in.

AMF-solutions for aerospace.

The exciting part is what you make out of it

With regard to our customers

Our products and solutions are made for all sectors and industries, of course. And even if you cannot find your sector in our list, you should still talk to us about your needs and expectations. We will undoubtedly find or develop the right possibility to optimize the production process for each specific application by fast and safe clamping operations.

We support our industrial partners from the following sectors:

  • Automotive and automotive supply industry with the highest demands for production processes: Hydraulic clamping technology, project fixtures, zero-point clamping technology, toggle clamps, etc. from AMF.
  • Machine building as the largest sector in Germany with different processes for diverse products requires innovative reliable solutions with the highest technical standards: all areas of clamping technology from AMF.
  • Assembly and handling technology requires economic and efficient processes to meet the complexity of the tasks with precision and flexibility: zero-point clamping technology, toggle clamps from AMF.
  • Medical technology, a sector with a high speed of development and the highest hygiene requirements. Gripper, zero-point clamping technology from AMF.
  • The wood and plastics industry ranges from the craftsman right up to the automated mass production and the requirements for a continuous production process are just as varied: Toggle clamps, mechanical clamping technology, vacuum clamping technology from AMF.
  • Tool and mould making with great influence on the finished products in many sectors as part of the overall process chain. What matters here is high speed, precision and efficiency as well as innovative solutions: Mechanical clamping technology, vacuum, magnetic, zero-point clamping technology from AMF.
  • Aerospace is a high-technology sector that faces enormous challenges with extreme standards and the highest requirements and demands absolute process reliability: Zero-point clamping technology from AMF. The food industry with its strict regulations and guidelines places the highest demands on production facilities and their components: Pneumatic toggle clamps from AMF.
  • The food industry with its strict regulations and guidelines places the highest demands on production facilities and their components: Pneumatic toggle clamps from AMF.
  • Automation technology for the optimisation of production processes demands a high level of consulting skills as well as the highest holding forces on the smallest possible installation space and the greatest variety of sizes: Pneumatic and hydraulic clamping technology, zero-point clamping technology from AMF.
  • Injection moulding technology is constantly facing new challenges and is extending the classic area of activity in order to remain competitive: Mechanical clamping technology, zero-point clamping technology from AMF.
  • Punching and forming technology which imposes extreme demands on holding forces during pressing and punching: Hydraulic and mechanical clamping technology from AMF.
  • Industry 4.0 as a step into the future requires seamless integration into the machine control as well the monitoring technology of clamping equipment: Grippers, hydraulic and pneumatic clamping technology, zero-point clamping technology from AMF.
  • Additive production is an automated process for the production of scaled three-dimensional objects, directly from a 3D-CAD dataset. The process for fast and cost-effective production of models, patterns, prototypes and tools entails the linking of many individual process steps and requires a standardized interface: Zero-point clamping technology from AMF.
  • Fixture construction is an important requirement for successful production in many sectors. This involves complex solutions for demanding tasks – from the design to the production of complete fixtures: Know-how from the full-service provider AMF.
  • Construction with long tradition is committed to quality – made in Germany: Locks from AMF, since 1890.