AMF bat son propre coup du chapeau

AMF poursuit sa croissance avec des produits innovants pour l'automatisation

Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) annonce des ventes records pour la quatrième fois consécutive. Avec 44 millions d'euros en 2016, l'entreprise familiale a de nouveau dépassé son record de l'année précédente de près de cinq pour cent.

Johannes Maier, the managing partner of the Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) is convinced that the automation trend continues to be the driver of growth in the industry.

Innovative products covering automation and process optimisation continue to be drivers of growth. This trend towards the digitisation of industry 4.0 still continues among customers. Of the foreign markets Asia and Eastern Europe have grown most strongly. Investments are evidence of further growth confidence and commitment towards the Fellbach as a business location.

"The automation trend continues to be the driver of growth in the industry," emphasises Johannes Maier, the managing partner of the Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG in Fellbach. In 2016, AMF achieved a turnover of 44 million Euros and thus a record for the fourth time in succession. With innovative products covering workpiece clamping technology and the automation of machining processes in machining centres, the family-owned business supports its customers in the optimisation of processes.

With presentation mobile direct to the customer

According to Maier, automation, rationalisation and digitisation are the most important issues of the industry towards Industry 4.0 and the necessary productivity increases among AMF customers. With the decision to offer products and solutions that serve these issues, the right strategic decision was made years ago. This is demonstrated by the record record sales in recent years. In the process, the innovative solutions always achieved the greatest increases. Here, AMF will extend its range especially for the linking of machining processes.

China and Eastern Europe achieved the highest growths again of the markets, followed by the reinvigorated Japan. The development in Russia is the only one that proves difficult. In keeping with its self-image of always wanting to be close to the the customer, AMF continues to focus on internationalisation, however. In Germany, a completely new path has been pursued with the mobile show "Andreas". The light truck, converted into the AMF presentation trailer, travels directly to the customer's premises by appointment in order to give practical demonstrations of the products in need of explanation.

"Sometimes we even go directly to the production halls of the customers," reports Maier concerning the huge success of the "very close approach".

Cautious optimism for the new year

The long-established company sees further growth opportunities for 2017, whereby uncertainties on the international markets exist. Nevertheless, they still want to invest and further enhance the Fellbach business location. Last year about 1.5 million Euros were invested in machines and in the in-house optimisation of processes. The number of employees increased to 235.