The integrated solution as Low-Cost-Automation

With the grippers from AMF your machine tool turns night into day. For as soon as the workpieces have been set up once, the tool works around the clock. It does not matter how many different workpiece are involved here. The special thing about this solution is that it uses existing resources.

The gripper is unloaded from the tool magazine and loaded into the machine spindle in order to use workpieces from a magazine in a clamping fixture. In this way, existing shift models are supplemented easily by worker-free shifts. A huge prolongation of machine time with very low investment costs.

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The pneumatically driven gripper is used for inserting tools from a magazine or similar into a clamping device in the machine tool. For this purpose, the gripper is unloaded from the tool magazine and loaded into the machine spindle.

Inexpensive, efficient, safe

Gripping technology from AMF

  • High gripping force
  • Suitable for a diverse range of workpieces
  • Overload protection prevents damage
  • Combined application of different gripper types

The inexpensive alternative to expensive robots

The pneumatically driven gripper is available in different designs. The integrated self-resetting counterbalance elements facilitate the exact positioning of the unmachined parts or pre-cast parts and relieve the machine spindles. Our product range for low-cost automation with three different gripper elements is complete and even more flexible. The AMF gripper with wireless sensoring systems is winner of FOCUS OPEN 2021 GOLD.