Block-clamping systems

The simple solution for difficult tasks

When it comes to difficult tasks such as the clamping of workpieces of different heights, our block clamping systems stand out not just through simple handling.

The fully developed products are also characterised by their infinite adjustment, interlocking by means of a patented pull rod as well as by their small space requirement. This ensures maximum flexibility, safety and speed during the clamping operation.

Simple, fast, variable

Block clamping technology from AMF

  • Fast clamping and releasing of the workpiece with just 1 screw
  • Closed design prevents dirt from penetrating the clamping unit
  • Inexpensive removal thanks to standardised intermediate elements
  • Small space requirement, low weight
  • Max. clamping force: up to 45 kN with system 7110
  • Also groove dimensions 22 – 36 mm, clamping height approx. 4000 mm possible with system 7100

With flexible technology always on top

Our block clamping units consist of base, support and intermediate elements as well as the clamping elements and suitable accessories. For clamping workpieces of various heights quickly and safely they are ideal for use on milling machines, CNC machines and machining centres.

Adaptation to the workpiece height, interlocking using the patented pull rod for ensuring stability on the machine table during horizontal or vertical use is carried out by means of intermediate elements that can be inserted easily. Take advantage of the flexible clamping technology from AMF for flexible manufacturing processes in your company.