Modular fixture systems

The flexible solution for difficult tasks

Flexibility is an essential success factor in production technology and thus places demands on modern clamping technology as well.

Our modular fixture system in conjunction and coordination with our CAD library for layout and design offers significant advantages: The fixture construction becomes faster, more efficient and transparent.

Efficient, safe, flexible

Modular fixture systems from AMF

  • Two standardised sizes suitable in practice
  • 100% use, since every hole can be used for positioning and clamping
  • Standard dimensions, suitable for machine tables in accordance with DIN 55201
  • Cost-effective through hardened fit, thread and surfaces
  • Easy handling design through situation-based clamping:  mechanical and/or hydraulic.

The modular fixture system with many advantages

The principle is as clear as it is convincing: Pallets, angles and cubes with grid holes as base elements as well as assembly, positioning and clamping elements in two standardised sizes (M12, M16) are the components of the fixture systems from AMF.

With this modular system we offer everything for flexible fixture construction to prolong the machine usage time and reduce setup and idle-machine times. Apart from the standard dimensions, other sizes are also available for our base elements on request, of course.