Vacuum clamping systems

A simple solution for difficult tasks

Vacuum technology is used to clamp the respective workpiece by a vacuum and to implement 5-side processing easily and quickly. Thanks to the special fastening, the workpieces are protected from damage. Furthermore, the time-consuming alignment of the workpieces is not required.

Together with optional rubber and adapter plates as well as surface-mounted blocks our clamping systems increase the speed and thus improve efficiency in their production.

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Zero​-point clamping system and vacuum​ clamping technology from AMF in combination - fixture and workpiece changes in seconds. The vacuum​ clamping plate is clamped exactly on the clamping​ station by means of pull-studs and the workpiece is clamped on the clamping plate by means of a vacuum. The compressed air on the vacuum clamping plate is sufficient for secure clamping by means of negative pressure.

Flexible, fast, efficient

Vacuum clamping technology from AMF

  • High holding force
  • Cost savings through the use of the Venturi nozzle
  • Vertically adjustable eccentric stops for easy positioning of the workpiece
  • Integrated mounting bores for the AMF zero-point clamping system
  • Multiple suction points make it possible to clamp multiple or different workpieces
  • Sealing cords even out slight irregularities on the workpiece surface
  • Warp-free and vibration-free five-side processing

The gentle technology for universal use

The AMF vacuum clamping plates can be operated by the compressed air that is present during operation in conjunction with the integrated Venturi nozzle as well as with an external vacuum pump.

Besides the vacuum clamping plate system, our product range also includes adapter mats and adapter plates, surface-mounted blocks, vacuum pumps, liquid separators and all necessary accessories. Our vacuum clamping systems are used particularly in the wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals industries for quick, simple machining